10 creepy photos with disturbing backstories

Image by Simon Wijers from Pixabay

Want to get creeped out but you don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! This blog post goes into detail about 10 creepy photos with disturbing backstories, and what they might teach us.

1. Aerial view of Jonestown

Jonestown was an American religious organization led by Jim Jones. In 1978, in an event termed “revolutionary suicide,” 900 members of the organisation ingested a cyanide-laced drink, with only two surviving and 909 dying.

2. Minutes before the bomb explosion.

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 In this highly emotional photo, a photographer captured the moment before a car bomb exploded. The photographer himself and four others died in the attack. The man and child in the foreground were lucky enough to survive.

The bombing occurred on August 15, 1998 in Northern Ireland. It was not the IRA, but a splinter group called the Real IRA. The bombing was in retaliation to the Good Friday Agreement as well as the IRA’s ceasefire.

3. A picture of “home” by a child who grew up in a concentration camp

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A child who had been imprisoned in a concentration camp was asked to draw a picture of her home. The horrors of being in the camp is captured in the drawing, which shows that the experience has warped her mind.

4. A man is unable to get off the subway tracks.

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A man is in a situation where he is unable to get off the subway tracks while the train is bearing down.

Ki Suk Han, 58, Queens resident, was fatally struck by a train on the rails at 12:30 pm. Reportedly pushed onto the tracks by a panhandler.

5. A photograph of a woman in midair after she jumped off the ledge of a hotel

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This photograph is of a woman in mid air, after she jumped off the ledge of the Genesee Hotel 1942.

This photo was captured by a photographer for the Buffalo Courier, who was on his way back to the office after being out on assignment. The woman who committed suicide is called Mary Miller. It is thought that she was mourning a lover who was just killed during World War II

6. A woman locked away for about 25 years was only made to eat once a day.

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The woman in the picture above has been taken captive by her mother and brother. She the victim of captivity since the day she was born, suffering from isolation and abuse. This particular viewer is unknown how long they have been held because they were initially adolescents when they were kidnapped, who weighs 55 pounds at just 49 years old.

7. Nuclear Shadows

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Permanent shadows, also called “Nuclear Shadows” were formed during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The reason behind the formation of these permanent shadows is what’s known as“thermal radiation”.

The shadows that remained in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the nuclear bombs went off are known as “Nuclear Shadows.” The radiation from the explosions caused them to be permanent.

8. Children for sale

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This haunting, black and white photo from 1948 shows the effects of poverty on a family. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chalifoux were facing eviction from their Chicago apartment at the time and desperately needed money. So, the unemployed coal truck driver and his wife opted to sell their kids. Though members of the Chalifoux family have claimed that the mother was paid to stage the image, they children in fact were sold to different homes within two years.

9. Michael Rockefeller’s Death By Cannibalism

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Michael Rockefeller was the son of New York governor and soon-to-be Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. He went missing somewhere in Papua New Guinea in the early 1960s and his fate is unknown. And due to records, it is believed that he was killed and eaten by the Asmat people who are known for beheading their enemies and consuming their flesh.

10. The Most Beautiful Suicide

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In 1947, a woman named Eveyln McHale jumped from the 86th floor observation deck of the New York’s Empire state building. People say Robert Wiles captured her death with a camera as she landed on top of a United Nations limousine, but her dying wish was that no one see her body. Although there are multiple pictures of McHale near-death, this is the only known photograph of the entire event. Once the photo became famous around the world, it was called “the most beautiful suicide” and Time Magazine used it in its publication.

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