Discover the World’s Most Unusual Laws: Places Where It’s Illegal to Die

4. Falciano del Massico, Italy

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Falciano del Massico is a small town located in southern Italy. In 2012, the town passed a law making it illegal to die because the local cemetery was full, and there was no room for additional graves. The law was repealed a few months later after the town acquired additional land for a new cemetery. However, the law sparked a conversation about the challenges many small towns face with limited burial space.

5. Lanjarón, Spain

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Lanjarón is a town located in the Granada province of Spain. In 1999, the town passed a law making it illegal to die without a pre-purchased burial plot or tomb. The reason for the law was that the town’s cemetery was at capacity, and there was no additional space for new burials. The law was later amended to allow for new burial plots to be created. It is still illegal to die without a pre-purchased plot or tomb.

In conclusion, while it may seem strange that there are places where it is illegal to die, these unusual laws were created to address a serious issue – limited burial space. The challenges of burial space are not unique to these locations. Many cities and towns around the world face similar problems. These unusual laws serve as a reminder that planning for the future is crucial, even when it comes to death.