Discover the World’s Most Unusual Laws: Places Where It’s Illegal to Die

Did you know that there are places in the world where it is actually illegal to die? These unusual laws may seem bizarre, but they have a purpose, as dying in certain locations can create logistical and environmental problems. In this article, we will explore some of these locations where it is illegal to die.

1. Sarpourenx, France


Sarpourenx, a small village in southwestern France, made headlines in 2008 when it passed a law making it illegal to die there. The reason for this law was that the town cemetery was full, and the village had been trying for years to acquire more land for additional burial plots. Although the law was eventually repealed, it sparked a conversation about the challenges many small towns face with limited burial space.

2. Longyearbyen, Norway

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Longyearbyen, a town in Svalbard, Norway, is the world’s northernmost settlement with a permanent population. It is illegal to die here because of the permafrost in the region, which slows down the decomposition process and can cause diseases to linger. As a result, the town’s cemetery has not accepted new burials since the 1950s. Anyone who is terminally ill is required to leave the town and go to the mainland to pass away.

3. Biritiba-Mirim, Brazil

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Biritiba-Mirim is a small town located in the São Paulo state of Brazil. In 2005, the town passed a law making it illegal to die there, citing a lack of cemetery space as the reason. The town’s mayor at the time, Roberto Pereira da Silva, was determined to create a solution to the cemetery space problem and even offered free burial plots to anyone who moved to the town. The law was eventually repealed, but the mayor’s efforts did result in the creation of a new cemetery.