The World’s Richest Beggar Owns Nearly $1,000,000 USD.

World's Richest Beggar

People often associate begging with poverty and destitution. Here is a surprising twist in the story of Bharat Jain. He has defied conventional perceptions to become the world’s richest beggar. Bharat Jain has a net worth of INR 7.5 crore (nearly to $1 million) and alternative sources of income. He still relies on the generosity of strangers to sustain his beggar lifestyle. People can spot him on the streets of Mumbai.

Meet Bharat Jain, the World’s Richest Beggar

Bharat Jain, a Mumbai resident, hails from a financially constrained background and did not have the opportunity for formal education. He is a married man with a family that includes his wife, two sons, a brother, and his father. While Jain’s own education was deprived, he ensured that his children had the chance to complete their schooling, breaking the cycle of poverty in his family.

Penny by Penny: He Becomes the World’s Richest Beggar

Despite his disadvantaged start, Bharat Jain’s journey to prosperity began with his entry into the world of begging. He manages to earn an impressive monthly income ranging from Rs 60,000 to 75,000. Which is a substantial sum by any standard. This achievement is further enhanced by his shrewd investments in real estate. A two-bedroom flat in Mumbai valued at Rs 1.2 crore and two shops in Thane, fetching a monthly rental income of Rs 30,000.  Jain’s success as a beggar and a property owner sets him apart from conventional beggars.

A Puzzling Choice

Despite his vast wealth and the opportunities available to him, Bharat Jain continues to beg on the streets of Mumbai. He manages to collect a staggering Rs 2,000-2,500 per day within a span of 10 to 12 hours at prominent locations such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Azad Maidan. This feat is unparalleled, as many individuals struggle to achieve such earnings even after toiling for extended hours in regular jobs.

The Driving Forces Behind Begging

As Bharat has immense wealth and alternative sources of income, his family and friends repeatedly advise him to cease begging. They emphasise the opportunities available to him due to his financial stability. However, Jain remains undeterred by their counsel and continues with the beggar lifestyle. Some experts believe that Jain’s attachment to the begging community, his habit, and the emotional fulfilment derived from interactions with compassionate individuals are factors that influence his choice. However, his resilience and dedication to providing his children with an education are commendable aspects of his personality.

Begging Laws in India

Beggar, Shobhabazar” by Mike Prince is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Under this legal framework, Bharat Jain’s continued practice of begging on the streets, despite his near-millionaire status, appears somewhat unconventional. While most people in India working 10 to 12 hours a day might not earn more than a few dollars, Jain manages to receive daily sums ranging from INR 2,000 to INR 2,500 ($25 to $35). All thanks to the kindness of people.

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Bharat Jain’s transformation from a poverty-stricken individual relying on the support of strangers to a person of substantial wealth raises questions about his current identity. Should people still consider him a beggar, or does his financial status categorise him as something else, perhaps even a scammer?

Regardless of the label assigned to him, Bharat Jain’s journey from rags to riches showcases the complexities of poverty. And the unconventional paths some individuals take to improve their circumstances.